Caritas therapeutic community at San Blas

I’ve had the pleasure, today, of visiting the Caritas therapeutic community at San Blas — and I want to pass on to you some of the thoughts and messages that residents here have chosen to share with me.


As a society, it is of the essence that we do not judge those around us. 


All of us go through some form of hardship or other, and persons who are going through drug abuse also go through difficulties for which they need to be helped — rather than judged or frowned upon.


It’s also very important that we restore their confidence and encourage them to look for work.


Many persons who are on their way out of an addiction or drug abuse and trying to return to a normal course of life do not have it at all easy as they seek to integrate into society once more.


It takes all of us, as a society, to help build back these person’s morale, and to inspire them.


From this space, I’d like to thank all those employers and colleagues in departments and at workplaces who take the time to encourage, and who make the effort to accept and to employ those persons who have managed to put drug abuse behind them.


This effort means much — it gives one’s dignity back to that person. We earn our own dignity by understanding each other, as well as by holding back from judging others.


I want to show my gratitude to all of the staff at Caritas, to the various people who work with victims of drug abuse and other persons going through an addiction.


These people are doing a sterling job and a most important task — the residents themselves can attest to this.


My final appeal goes to those who are going through either drug abuse or other addictions — do not shy away from seeking help. The assistance is here, and there are persons who are ready to welcome you and help you out.


To those families and the loved ones of those going through such a difficulty — do take heart, and make sure to seek help for your loved ones, too. 


I will keep spreading this message in our society — one that we want to be ever more inclusive, and ever more understanding of everyone’s needs.

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