MEP Cutajar appointed VP of European delegation for relations with Australia, New Zealand

Labour MEP Josianne Cutajar has been appointed Vice President of the European Delegation for Relations with Australia and New Zealand (DANZ), on behalf of the Socialists and Democrats within the European Parliament.

The EP delegation is tasked with the upkeep of Europe’s ties with Australia and New Zealand as its main objective.

Topping the DANZ agenda at the moment are the Free Trade Agreement currently at negotiation stage, as well as collaboration on common challenges that include climate change and, more recently, Covid-19.

What the crises we face today are showing us is that the most effective answers come when countries from different parts of the world come together and be open to dialogue’, Cutajar said upon her appointment to the DANZ Vice Presidency.

Faced with the struggle against climate change, the new challenges to our health brought on by the pandemic, as well as security issues, no single country can come up with solutions and save the day on its own. We all need each other,’ Cutajar pointed out.

The Maltese MEP is determined to further promote and protect the values shared by both parties including the human rights front, while paving the way for more joint investment in sectors such as Research and Innovation – a sector that, in Cutajar’s words, currently offers much potential for collaboration between the two sides.

Meanwhile, in a meeting, both Cutajar and H.E. Jenny Cartmill, Australia’s High Commissioner to Malta, noted the positive relationship between the European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

The strengthening of commercial ties between the parties, prospective sectors for new collaboration, and the sharing of best practices in gender policy were high on the meeting agenda.

In all discussions I will be having as Vice President for this Delegation, I shall uphold the best interest of Europe’s citizens and that of its Member States, including Malta’, Cutajar remarked.

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