MEP Cutajar contributes towards a more just digital market.

During its last plenary for the year in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted with a strong majority its position in favour of the Digital Markets Act, a legislative process  which Maltese MEP Josianne Cutajar contributed towards as the Socialist negotiator in the Committee on Transport and Tourism


The Parliament’s position  has been voted upon at a time when technology and the digital market are rapidly changing the lives ofmany , changes which have also led to the need for new rules at European level.


In her first reaction, Dr Cutajar stated that “thanks to this regulation, we will see that clear measures are put in place to regulate when dominant digital platforms have to comply with various rules, without using legal loopholes to escape the restrictions placed upon them.”


This regulation will also ensure that businesses and hotels, including small and medium-sized ones, which advertise on large platforms, are not restricted from advertising different prices on their own websites, amongst other things, because this is something that increases their ability to compete, and which also fits the consumer.


The Labour MEP also pointed towards the importance of the fact that these rules will provide more transparent choices to consumers when searching online. This is because it will no longer be permissible for online platforms to give preference to their own services and products, over those provided by hotels and other businesses on the same platform.


Josianne Cutajar concluded by saying how one of the main aims of this law is to see that more transparency and equality of competition between businesses prevail in the European digital market, where everyone must have the same rights and visibility.


“If you are a Maltese or Gozitan business, you should be treated in the same manner as the largest hotel from the Europe’s centre, including when it comes to the digital market. These are points that we want to see factually implemented” said MEP Cutajar.

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