“We have a moral obligation to make sure that every European citizen, whatever their situation, is enabled to share their thoughts in the most effective way” — MEP Josianne Cutajar

Intervening in the plenary on the Conference of the Future of Europe in Strasbourg at the end of last week, Labour Party MEP Josianne Cutajar insisted that the European Union has a moral obligation to ensure that every European citizen, regardless of their situation, has the chance to share their thoughts and communicate in the most effective way.

Dr Cutajar said that an important solution for this is through the use of technology and digital tools. In this manner, this process could be much more accessible to all and indeed much more open to all.

“I reiterate that the digital process must truly ensure that people with disabilities are much more integrated into our society”, Josianne Cutajar stated. The Maltese MEP continued to say that it is important to bring these citizens from the periphery, to the centre of Europe.

Dr Cutajar stressed that the digital tools and facilities being used at the Conference on the Future of Europe should be amended and arranged in a way to bring Europe and the discussion about its future closer to everyone. The Member of the European Parliament also emphasised that we should not however forget those citizens amongst us who do not have the access to technology or the necessary digital skills to be able to voice their point of view.

Meanwhile, at the Caucus of the European Socialists related to the Conference on the Future o Europe, the Labour Party MEP also insisted that “As socialists we need to ensure inclusiveness and accessibility of the different sectors of our society in the various procedures and consultations.”


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Labour Party

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